Fine Wines of Israel

by on January 28, 2015

Fine Wines of Israel

past two decades have witnessed the birth of a vibrant wine producing industry in Israel. A host of large and small wineries spread throughout Israel’s varied geographic and climatic zones are creating wines that rival the best of California and Australia.

FINE WINES OF ISRAEL is bringing the intimate world of Israeli wines to visitors from around the globe. Our group tours and custom family tours are lead by professional experts in the field. The FINE WINES OF ISRAEL experience covers the renowned and emerging wineries in the Galilee, Sharon, Golan, Jerusalem Hills, and Negev desert regions. Along the way, we sample the best of Israeli cuisine and tour a country that is world famous for its historical relics and natural beauty. 

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About Us

by on December 28, 2014

FINE WINES OF ISRAEL was created for the sole purpose of opening the eyes of the world to the great wines now being produced by many Israeli wineries. We specialize in developing group tours and custom family tours that highlight the best of Israel’s wine, cuisine, and stunning countryside. Our trip leaders are experts in their field and are uniquely qualified to guide you through the intimate world of Israel’s prestigious and emerging vineyards and wineries.